Our programs will help you focus on the 20%
of the business that will deliver 80% of the results.

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Are your employees engaged, informed, rewarded, and equipped to perform? Do they show ownership? Find out whether your organization’s vision, business strategy, metrics and expectations are clearly understood. 



Every organization has unique challenges and goals, whether you are seeking to expand, increase profitability, or achieve operational excellence; effective planning is key to your success.

Performance Management



Many companies develop robust strategies, but fail to operationalize the strategy using a clearly articulated business plan with measurable outcomes that are meaningful to employees. A successful business requires a well developed strategy and the ability to execute on that strategy.



Are your cost cuts sustaining the results you need? Cost reduction targets provide the process improvement and behaviour change to deliver permanent and sustainable savings. Focus on longer term sustainable improvements to your business, rather than short term cost elimination that has no effect on existing business process.

Reliability & Maintenance


Asset Reliability is one of the most effective levers for improving bottom line performance. Is your organization well aligned on your Reliability roadmap and implementation plan? Do the frontline employees own their business? How do you become “brilliant at the basics?” What do you measure at each stage of your Reliability journey?

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  • As trusted advisors the Lead 2 Perform coaches were used as a sounding board for organizational and operational decisions.
    — Production Superintendent
  • The Lead 2 Perform coaches were always available to assist with leadership development and technical support that took our organization to an advanced level.
    — Production Foreman
  • It has started some great conversation between shifts on their cross-over days: Why did the production go up? What did you do on that day? What happened here?
    — Operations Lead
  • Leaders are now leading, coaching, setting targets, and rolling the numbers to the front line
    — Production Manager
  • The on-site coaching provided by Lead 2 Perform helped us align our focus and efforts to effectively create and manage a proven reliability process.
    — Maintenance Foreman
  • The Lead 2 Perform consultants provided coaching and feedback on a regular basis to improve our effectiveness.
    — Commissioning Foreman

The ability to lead and sustain Business Excellence
is critical to organizational success.

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L2P Business Excellence Model

Our experience suggests that the most important factor for a successful Business Excellence program is leadership. Regardless of tools or methodology, the organization’s ability to lead and sustain Business Excellence is critical.

Our model supports sustainable behaviour change, while our programs ensure sustainable and repeatable processes. 

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