The purpose of leadership is to create useful change
– John Kotter

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Unlock potential, generate effectiveness, and bring clarity to business situations. The goal of our Leadership Coaching is to help successful people become even more effective by raising their awareness.



Creating alignment throughout an organization breaks down silos, creates peer support and improves performance.



Create a meaningful cascade of corporate objectives throughout the organization in a way that provides clarity at all levels of the hierarchy.  Our Planning for Success process helps individuals and organizations develop an advanced understanding of strategic planning, annual planning and execution.


  • Having Lead 2 Perform coaches embedded in our organization has positively influenced how we interact and has helped me personally grow into a more effective leader.
    — Pipeline/Production Optimization Coordinator
  • I consider your time here a great success and I think it is clearly evident in quantitative and qualitative ways, and across the organization from top to bottom.
    — Business Development Manager
  • The Lead 2 Perform consultants provided coaching and feedback on a regular basis to improve our meeting effectiveness.
    — Commissioning Foreman
  • It has been the best goal setting and performance monitoring process I have seen in my time with this company.
    — Operations Engineering Manager
  • Leaders are now leading, coaching, setting targets, and rolling the numbers to the front line
    — Production Manager

Inspire others to go above and beyond the call of duty, create profitable habits and optimize performance at every level of an organization – Aubrey Daniels

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Business complexity requires that leaders successfully select and use the right skills, tools, and competencies for each situation. Our model focusses on changing thinking and developing behaviours in order to create a culture with a drive for results. By applying newly learned competencies to current business challenges or improvement initiatives we can effectively develop sustainable behaviours.

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